The feeling, mutual

The tingling sensation, definitely just me

The lingering around, might be coincidental

Tensing every moment our eyes meet, our hands touch, unexpected

Falling deep into our thoughts, separate

Having regard for the other, respect

Not knowing what is right in front of us, stupidity

Dragging the other down , stepping on their ego, selfish

But considering the other, selflessness

Might i be suggesting, this is what goes down to each one

To each one his own……..

Behind the known

Split into two

Divided into half

Her Mind blowing up into fragments

Heart racing too fast

Being a nervous wreck, knowing too well,

She has so many choices to make

A confused her trying to put the pieces back in place

Taking a step back, making time to analyze what went wrong

A log so large placed above her

Too heavy to lift off, weakens her

Rendering her breathless

Putting her below a level where she is a an unknown

Just a known that exists

Controlled so much by the events around her

The busy bodies she encounters

So soon she is close to demise

What really went wrong?

All she wanted to do was be among the known

The accepted

The respected

With equality, get the same love she shared

Forgetting too fast who she was

What made her

Now all that is left is two halves……..

The strong passion

The deep desire seen in their vision

Arouses each part of their bodies

Bringing them to a lack of sense

A space written only for the two

With each movement brings more cravings

The balance between the two sparks colours full of love

No limits

No judgment

Just them

The requirement felt that will not justify their feeling that is engraved deep down

Their bodies move in sync , allowing themselves to be drown in

Deeper into a world not spoken of

Each arousal brings forth utter peace

No hurt

Just the combination of two who crave for love in their own little way……

The darkness inside of her

So small , one cannot see it with their bare eyes

It takes time to realize what she really is

It spreads so viciously to every inch of her

She too cannot realize what is taking over her

No amount of saving can spare her from the doom that awaits her

The pain becomes so strong all she does is let it out

Trying so hard, shedding tears to get it out of her yet a part of her wants more of it

That control makes her sparkle but the stench that comes from within icks

Many admire her without the understanding of what she is

Many want to be like her

To have the control

To be among those called

They do not understand that the darkness that spreads so quietly from within

Influenced by so much from the outside

Pushed to the limit

Means death

The mind will ache

The heart will want more …..

Being drawn in

A part of me wants to be dragged down in the below

Wanting and craving so hard to be unnoticed

It pulls me in

Calling and beckoning

Louder and louder

Whispering into my ears, enticing me to get in

Getting my thoughts on check

Pulling myself together

Getting my inner sense on track

Telling myself am in control, i need to grab things by the horn

No fear


That which pulls me in ,

Gets to me

Confuses me

Begs me

My heart running faster than my thoughts

What next? ….

The Identity of Humanity

Slots taken, coats off

Sits taken, a face off

All human , an identity chosen for all

As i watch , setting my eyes forth on the details that will show me theres love

But how could there be love if selflessness is not adorned and dressed with pride

The deep grief i feel every time I know that identifying ourselves in brother hood is shunned since the hate encrypted deep down is a code larger

The disgust one feels from within since satisfaction for how we are , how we look, what we are, has surpassed all

You do not understand you yet you want to understand me and put me in a box so small that suffocation will be my death

Pushing me to the edge for fear of accepting my flaws but savagery since you do not adorn yourself with that humanity

That show of love, an identity that cannot be erased for it has been accepted

A code flowing through my veins ……


Am not sure what I really feel

Confused about what my heart keeps whispering into my mind

Deep down there is a void so big it cant be filled by mere words and consolation

It kills my inner senses thinking of what i have become

The feeling of regret and worthlessness

Sometimes i tend to escape

Into a world that belongs only to me

To a place full of peace

Yet the chaos that awaits shifts me right back to reality

All that’s left is





Tears that with each drop symbolizes what i have become

A need to run

To hide from the creature that has been formed from within

But really how can i?

I cannot change what I caused upon myself

The void

The dead end

The regret

Is all that my soul is left of….

One cannot change that this world reflects their true self…..